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Development of the professions in dentistry - Part 2

The course was sixteen weeks in length after one year of apprenticeship. At the same time the first national professional dental journal the American Journal of Dental Science and the first national organization appeared, the American Society of Dental Surgeons was established. The dental profession in the United States can be origined to the 1840 period.

For the emergence of dentistry as a fledgling profession was followed by an undignified scramble to open proprietary dental schools. Most of these schools were strictly for profit. The proprietary schools turned out many graduates whose professional abilities covered the spectrum from respectable to dreadful. The development of the dentistry in the U.S. as a profession was separated from medicine. This separate development occurred more by chance than by deliberate policy, for it was originally intended that the Baltimore dental school be established within the medical school.

This separation was standard in the English-speaking world and in several European countries.


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