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Dentistry in Hungary
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Dental Hygiene

Dr. Alfred Fones, an 1890 graduate of the New York College of Dentistry, developed a tech¬nique for polishing and scaling teeth and also taught his patients to carry out home-care procedures.

Dentistry in the 20. century - part 4

The 1960s and 1970s saw the emergence of comprehensive care, growth in use of auxiliaries, the beginnings of prepaid dental insurance, and the development of a community outlook in dentistry. Growth in the number of dentists and in dental business was sharp, in retrospect perhaps too sharp.

Dentistry in the 20. century - part 3

During the 1950s new dental materials expanded treatment horizons, and the arrival of the highspeed air-turbine engine in 1957 revolutionized dental practice. Dental research, stimulated by the establishment of the National Institute of Dental Research in 1948, grew rapidly, and the publication of The Survey of Dentistry in 1961 led to improvements in education and practice.

Dentistry in the 20. century - part 2

The dental practice was during the economic depression of the 1930 s was a matter of survival, with few patients able to afford dental care. Many dentists and other health professionals were drafted into the armed forces in the second world war.

Dentistry in the 20. century

In southern and central Europe was a division between dentists and stomatologists. This division of labor is thought not to have benefited oral health in most of the countries concerned and has been abandoned in most of them as the European Community moves toward standardization of professional training.
Development of the professions in dentistry - Part 2

Development of the professions in dentistry - Part 2

The course was sixteen weeks in length after one year of apprenticeship. At the same time the first national professional dental journal the American Journal of Dental Science and the first national organization appeared, the American Society of Dental Surgeons was established.

Development of the professions in dentistry

Dental diseases have afflicted the human race since the dawn of recorded history. Dentistry, however, has existed as a vocation only in recent years, historically speaking and it was not until modern times that any sort of scientific basis was developed for the care of oral diseases.


















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