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Development of the professions in dentistry

Dental diseases have afflicted the human race since the dawn of recorded history. Dentistry, however, has existed as a vocation only in recent years, historically speaking and it was not until modern times that any sort of scientific basis was developed for the care of oral diseases.
One landmark event was the 1728 publication of Pierre Fauchard. Fauchard is looked upon as a seminal figure in the evolution of dentistry. His work was published as the first complete treatise on dentistry. He was a first-class empiricist.

Aspiring dentists served as trainees. In fact it is the formal education of G. V. Black, one of the profession’s one of the pioneers in the 19. century, did not exceed 20 months. His introduction to dentistry consisted of a few weeks with one Dr. Speers, who was not considered a good dentist and whose dental library consisted of one book.
The Baltimore College of Dental Surgery was the 1. dental school in America, it was established in 1840.












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